This page details (almost) everything I am currently studying. It will also contain materials, the study of which I have already completed. I will not attempt to log my studies that predate the original drafting of this article (February 23rd, 2018), but may include some key materials that I have previously studied as they come to mind.

Currently Studying

Currently, I am very interested in religion, and how it relates to consciousness and the human mind. Therefore, for now, this is going to be the primary section.


1. Yale Open Courses: Introduction to the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible)

This is an extraordinarily interesting introduction to the Hebrew Bible from an academic perspective. I am currently watching this videos and completing the assigned reading as well. This is the first time I have ever read anything from the Bible.

Above is the first lecture, available via this YouTube playlist. In order to get more information about the course, including assigned reading and course materials, visit the Yale OYC course page.

2. UBCx: The Science of Religion

I have been interested in why humans believe in religion ever since watching this discussion. This course is absolutely amazing and it even features content from individuals outside of religious studies, including Jordan Peterson and Jonathan Haidt. Each video contains lectures or interviews from experts on each respective subject in the course. Talking about the building block theory of religion? The course features the lady who invented it. Talking about data science in religion? The course features the researcher in charge of the largest religious database in the world. I think this course is a model for how online courses ought to be.

The above is the trailer video for the course listed on edX. You may notice that the course has ended (although maybe in the future they will have reopened it), but you can still click “Enroll Now” in order to watch the all of the archived videos. The course video can also be viewed directly from the Religion X YouTube channel.

3. MITx: Introduction to Philosophy: God, Knowledge and Consciousness

These are all topics in which I am very interested, especially when considering how they relate to one another. I am not far enough along into this course to give an assessment of its quality.

Again, this is the trailer for the edX course, which has been archived but can still be viewed by clicking “Enroll Now”.

4. University of Toronto: Maps of Meaning (Jordan B. Peterson)

This is not even strictly about religion, but it’s related enough that I believe it should be listed here (maybe I will, at some point, make a section for psychology). These lectures are incredibly insightful and interesting. I am watching them as well as reading the book. Jordan Peterson is one of the individuals primarily responsible for kindling my interest in religion and theology, despite his controversial standing in those fields. Instead of trying to summarize all that Maps of Meaning covers, I suggest simply watching it and seeing for yourself.

Above is the first video in the lecture series (playlist).

Completed Studying

Here is a list of some materials I have completed (or mostly completed) studying. Since I have done so much online learning in the past decade, its impossible for me to list everything. As mentioned above, I will add a little bit of old material here, but it will mostly be material I have studied since the original posting of this page.


1. Jews for Judaism: Counter-Missionary Seminar (Rabbi Michael Skobac)

This was an absolutely fascinating lecture series that presents a very compelling case against the foundations of Christianity from a historical and biblical perspective. The reason I am currently studying the Hebrew Bible is because I thought this was so interesting. In it, Rabbi Skobac puts the founding of Christianity into context and explains why Jews did not accept Jesus as the Messiah, by comprehensively and systematically refuting the claims of missionaries and referring to scripture in both the old and new testament. Although I thought this course was excellent, I am not entirely sold on its validity since it is obviously from a biased source. That said, its definitely worth a listen for those interested in Abrahamic religion.

I actually started watching this series from the second video, and never watched the first video which I have posted above. Here is a link to the playlist on YouTube.


1. MITx: Microeconomics

This is an excellent introduction to college-level microeconomics. Despite me not being a huge fan of ObamaCare, the course is taught by Jonathan Gruber, one of the key economists behind the legislation, who is a great teacher. I only got ~2/3 through this course before stopping.

Here is a link to the edX course page.