English (100%)

I iz fluent an extremelly skilled n English ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hebrew (0.01%)

Hebrew has really captured my attention recently. As I learn more about Judaism and Jewish history, I get drawn more and more towards Hebrew. I am neither ethnically nor religiously Jewish (well, I haven’t done ancestry testing yet), but I still have a strong desire to learn more.

I currently know nothing but a few letters of the alphabet and how to say “hello”. However, I want to obtain full, native-level proficiency so that I can read Biblical Hebrew and study at theย Hebrew University of Jerusalem. It is without a doubt that Jewish scholars are among the brightest in the world, and have, over the course of time, produced some of the most high quality academic work — in Hebrew. I want to be able to read that.

Chinese (5%)

I studied Chinese for one year as a Freshman in High School. I would have continued, except I transferred, the following year, to a school that did not offer it. I also travelled to China for two weeks following my year of study. Unfortunately, I don’t remember much Chinese at all.

I have not only been fascinated with Chinese my whole life (I was first interested when I learned about it in Kindergarten), but I also see what China is doing with the Belt and Road initiative… and I know I need to get involved.

I plan to learn Chinese after Hebrew.

Spanish (50%)

For some reason, I have little to no desire to learn Spanish at the moment — despite having studied it all throughout K-12, as well as being ethnically Mexican and growing up in Southern California.

I already know quite a bit. If I studied intensely for a few months, I bet I could be completely fluent. Currently, my weakest skill in Spanish is listening comprehension. I do not know when I plan to pick Spanish back up, but will probably do it sooner or later due to it’s status as a low-hanging fruit.

Farsi (5%)

My girlfriend and her family speak Farsi. I have picked up more than I expected just from context and listening — but I still have a lot to learn. Other than speaking with my girlfriend and her family, I don’t have much desire to learn. Therefore, I think my strategy will just be to slowly focus on learning it over time instead of studying it intensely.

Luckily, I have plenty of opportunities to practice with native speakers!

Other (0%)

The following are languages that are on my radar


There are so many reasons to learn French. It is perhaps the most useful language other than English for communicating internationally. There have been enough occasions in which I wish I knew French, that I am tentatively prioritizing it after I learn Chinese.


I am very excited to learn German because it’s a widely used language in many awesome countries (Switzerland, Liechtenstein, etc.) and some of the most amazing intellectuals of all time wrote their works in German (Nietzsche, Jung, etc.)

I plan on learning German either before or after French.