Here, I will list everything I am reading beginning on the day this page was originally posted (April 4, 2018). I will not go back and list everything I have ever read — but I might go and add some books I have read prior to that date.

Currently Reading

Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche

I am a fan of second hand accounts of Nietzsche’s work, but have never read it myself. I’ll admit, I am struggling a bit with this book as I do not have experience reading philosophy — and the fact that it is translated from German doesn’t make it any clearer.

I am trying to read a little bit each day, reading from both the Kaufman and Stanford translations. Props to Leiter’s blog for pointing me to Beyond Good and Evil — whether or not that was a good suggestion, I have yet to see.

Finished Reading

Nothing since April 4, 2018.